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Davis County Clerk


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Naturalization records

Identifier: KF4706-A45.CLK.1896-1938
Scope and Contents

Certificate of citizenship record books, showing limited information on the individual and his renunciation of allegiance to any other country; declaration of intention record books giving information on an individual intending later to apply for citizenship; naturalization record books including more detailed information on the individual's petition for and receipt of citizenship; and loose papers of correspondence, lists of citizenship granted, and petition facts.

Dates: 1896 - 1938

Oaths of Office

Identifier: JS411.CLK.1860 -
Scope and Contents

These records support the agency's function to certify the administration and filing of oaths of county officials (Utah Code 17-20-4(2015)). Records document that oaths are given in accordance with the Utah State Constitution (Article IV, Sec. 10) and properly filed with the agency. Information includes county official's name and office as well as the date the oath was administered and filed.

Dates: 1900 - current

Official bonds

Identifier: KF1225.CLK.1876-1937
Scope and Contents

These are the official bonds for various offices in Davis County starting with Book A for 1876. "All official bonds shall be recorded in the office of the county recorder and then filed and kept in the office of he county clerk. The official bond of the county clerk after being recorded shall be filed and kept in the office of the county treasurer" (UCA 17-16-11 (1995)).

Dates: 1876 - 1937


Identifier: KF5313.COM.CLK.1896 -
Scope and content These records document the legislative action of the county commissioners. The county commission may "pass all ordinances and rules and make all regulations, not repugnant to law, necessary for carrying into effort or discharging the powers and duties" of their office (UCA 17-5-263 (1995)). The county clerk is required "to authenticate with his signature and the seal of the county clerk all ordinances or laws passed by the board and record the same at length in the ordinance book" (UCA...
Dates: 1896 -

Petition Files

Identifier: JS342.W7.CLK.COM.1900
Scope and Contents

These files contain the formal written petitions from county residents submitted to the county. Each petition contains a statement of purpose on proposed action as well as a name, signature, birth date, age, and address for each petitioner. Signatures must be verified to determine whether petitioners are registered voters, and to ensure no multiple signatures are counted. See Utah Code Ann. 20A-7-206.

Dates: 1900-

Probate record books

Identifier: KF765.SDC.CLK.
Scope and Contents These record books detail the proceedings in estate and guardianship cases. Personal name change cases may also appear. For deceased persons the will, appraisals and inventories, and the settlements are recorded. For guardianships, the appointment of a guardian and frequently an account of some property are noted. Adoptions records give the full order of adoption, often with statements from both the natural and adoptive parents or a social service agency detailing circumstances of the...
Dates: 1896-

Real Property Acquisition and Sales Contracts

Identifier: KF575.CLK.1881-
Scope and Contents These records document legal agreements, payments, etc., between the county and outside entities. They also provide a history of transactions that have transpired in the county. These records document the purchase, sale, or transfer of county-owned real estate, whether by purchase, condemnation, transfer, trade, sale, or donation. They may include any contracts related to the construction of capital projects. Information includes names and addresses of contracting parties, contract's...
Dates: 1881-

Record of Marriage Certificates Vol. A, 1887 - 1888

 Item — Object KF512.W16 Vol. A
Identifier: KF512.W16.CLK.1887-1888.Volume A
Scope and Contents

Volume A contains civil ceremony marriages.

Dates: 1887 - 1888

Record of Marriage Certificates Vol. B, 1887 - 1888

 Item — Object KF512.W16 Vol. B
Identifier: KF512.W16.CLK.1887-1888.Volume B
Scope and Contents

Contains religious ceremony marriages.

Dates: 1887 - 1888


Identifier: KF5411.COM.CLK.1892 -
Scope and Contents

These are formal statements of decisions or expressions of opinion adopted by the county commission. They perform the same function as an ordinance. The county clerk is required to "make full entries of all [county commission] resolutions" (UCA 17-5-209_(1995)). The most commonly adopted resolutions include the following: adoption of county budgets, sale of industrial bonds, and creation of special improvement districts.

Dates: 1892 -

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